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If you have lived in Colorado Springs very long, then you are no stranger to the wrath of Mother Nature we all face  while enjoying this beautiful city. Severe hail is pretty much a guarantee every 5 years or, as its been lately, every other year. If you find yourself with a home destroyed by wind or hail, you’ll likely be looking for a contractor very soon. As your search begins, you might find it a little frighting as to which Contractor you can trust with,  Not only your home, but also your insurance money. At ACS we try to make the search easy for you! We have a link on our page that will take you directly to the local Contractor licensing authority, Pikes Peak Regional Building Dep, where you can look up ACS and other local Contractors to ensure you are dealing with a Company that has meet all the strict requirements of the State. Searching other places like, Facebook Pages, Google Map reviews, and the BBB are also great places to find out who you are going to trust with your home. 

All work performed under ACS is backed with a written warranty for a minimum of 1 year. All roofing is backed by a Manufacturer warranty and ACS’s unmatchable Lifetime Leakproof Waranty. ACS always supervises work being performed, and performs a final inspection with Client present. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Without satisfying your customers, it makes it pretty difficult in today‘s “Social Media”world to maintain positive reviews to onboard new clients.

Our inspection services are free of charge, our consulting meeting are free to signed customers. With our construction consulting services, we provide your insurance carrier with detailed reports, which identify damage to your property. We are able consult with the asigned Adjuster regarding damage, repairability, and proper cost to repair your property to building code requirements.  

To request your free property damage inspection, select the Contact Us page to reach us by email or phone. 

How Does Hail Damage Shingles

Generally, damage can be seen as indentations and/or fractures on the shingle’s surface. Hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness and can create a random pattern of dents or depressions. If this is not evident, look for indentations on metal flashings, siding, chimney caps, or even skylight flashings. After some time, clusters of granules may come off (at the point of impact) in a random pattern and expose the asphalt.

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