Catastrophe Construction

Choosing the right contractor ...

When Mother Nature strikes, the challanges we all face become endless. Unlike your typical remodel or renovation, storm damages are never planned, therefore no one is prepared to enter into a major construction contract, battle the insurance company, or seek temporary housing. Rebuilding after a storm is much more complex than a remodel and has a ton variables to consider before trying to take on a claim by yourself as a property owner. ACS’s company structure is extremely unique compared to your everyday Contractor. ACS is fully staffed with customer support personnel to assist clients in their troubled times. Our staff is here as your ”Storm Damage Liaison”. We assist customers with everything from meeting insurance Adjusters on the property to determine cost to repair, to helping customers deal with their mortgage company to release construction funds as fast as possible. The biggest difference you will find with ACS is, we specializes in providing proper damage assessments and cost evauluations to your insurance carrier to ensure the customer isn’t left paying more than their fair portion. The typical “remodel estimate” is not the preferred method for insurance companies to determine the fair market value for the damages sustained, nor does the typical estimate provide transparency for the carrier to see that the Contractor is charging a “reasonable“ rate to repair the property. At ACS, our Project Manager’s complete an indepth training program much like that of an Insurance Adjuster. The training to operate the special estimating software, Xatimate, is key to settle claims faster. If you are not working with a Contractor that is well diversified in the Insurance Restoration business, you may find yourself much more frustrated with the progress of settling the claim. Most Insurance companies are willing to make additional payments for missed damage or increased cost to perform repairs, as they understand their adjustment may have some items overlooked. Adjustments can  be made as long as it is all properly presented. Battling a claim without a knowledgeable Contractor is never recommended. Contact ACS today to schedule a free property damage consultation. 

Proper Estimating is the ACS difference

When reviewing your Insurance estimate that was provided to you after the carrier’s Adjuster visited the property, there are two important things to remember: 

1) Very few Adjuster’s have actually performed such repairs that they are writing an estimate for. They are simply making the best efforts possible based on class room training. There is no way for Adjuster’s to know every building code in every city or county. 

2) Your Insurance estimate is not a final settlement. The average increase we see on claims is 30% in addition to the estimate provided. Your Contractor must have the knowledge to write a proper estimate that should include measurements, detailed photos, and documents that states the building code. Check out a few of our before and after settled claims. 

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